SocialBu updates
SocialBu updates

GMB event date fix




A bug was preventing users from selecting starting and ending date of their event posts on their Google My Business account. This has been fixed now.

Increased image attachment size for Tweets




You can now add images in your Tweets that are up to 15MB in size. Previously the size limit was 5MB

Edit Posts in Queue




Want to change only one post in your existing queue for post recycling?

Worry not!

You can now edit posts in the queues.

Fix GMB URL issue




The Call-To-Action field for GMB posts was not visible, thus not letting users post CTAs to their posts. This has been fixed now.

Adding Media to Twitter Threads




Make your Twitter Threads visually appealing. You can now add images, video, or GIF to your Twitter Threads.

AI-based Text Auto Completion




AI can now suggest you the best content while composing your posts. You can use auto-generated text to effectively speed up your content-writing process.

This is only available for super and supreme accounts.

Carousal Posts to Instagram Business Accounts




Instagram Business accounts can now publish carousal posts through SocialBu

Increased Image Upload Limit




The image upload limit has been increased to 15MB from 5MB

Updated Post Composer




We have given a new look to our post composer with many added features that were frequently being requested by you.

The current changes include:

  1. Customized posts for each platform separately

  2. Highlighted tagged accounts for Twitter

  3. Improved hashtag suggestions

  4. Included AI-based content generator in the post composer

PostComposer Update.png

Improved Instagram Connectivity




We have improved our Instagram connectivity and as a result, Instagram connection and scheduling issues should not happen anymore.