SocialBu updates
SocialBu updates

Mobile Apps

We have just launched our Android and IOS apps. Now manage your social media from your pocket and keep your social media up and running no matter wherever you are on the globe.

Download the app and let us know about your experience.






Better location search for Instagram





Previously, the location search results when tagging a location for an Instagram post were not accurate.

This has been fixed and the locations found from the search are now accurate.

Added option to ignore Automation failure





Previously, if an Automation encounters any error while execution, it was automatically disabled. It's all in your control now!

You can now set your Automation to ignore action failures if you want.


This is useful when you cannot reliably avoid errors while your Automation executes. The error/failure details will still be available in the Automation log.

Instagram media auto adjustment





Previously, if the media was not of standard dimensions, it was auto resized (expanded), resulting in the white background being added.

Now your media will be cropped to fit Instagram's requirements if needed. That means no white background will be added anymore.

Restricted Twitter actions

Earlier, Twitter actions were disabled. This has been fixed and Twitter accounts should work as expected.





Missing or broken images for social accounts

Images for some social accounts were not displaying properly. This has been fixed and the image should display without issues.





LinkedIn video posts for personal profiles

Now it is possible to publish video posts to your personal LinkedIn profiles.





Republishing scheduled posts

We have introduced a way to let you reschedule or duplicate your posts.



Bulk actions for posts and stories





To make managing content easier, the following bulk actions are added.

  • Convert to draft
  • Delete

History now renders media for the published content





Previously, the published post in the “History” section did not show the media attachments. That has been corrected in our new update and you can now see the media files along with your published content.