Image data fix for new post automation event

Automation triggering on a new post by account missed image data and so data placeholder for image didn't work. This has been fixed.

Instagram Location Tagging

In some cases, the location attached to the Instagram post was slightly incorrect. This has been fixed.

Post metrics were missing

Post metrics for some of the published posts were missing. They should get populated from now on.

Rejecting content on Calendar

There was a bug blocking the input area for rejection reason on the Calendar. This has been now fixed.

Twitter Error

Previously, SocialBu was not able to publish content on Twitter, connect with new Twitter accounts, and some other Twitter-related things were also affected.

We have deployed a workaround and we are in contact with Twitter to get this issue resolved permanently. You will be required to reconnect your Twitter account(s) and it should work as expected.

Email delivery issues

We had a temporary issue with our email provider and the emails sent by SocialBu were not getting delivered. The issue has been resolved.

Plan limits were partially incorrect

The calculation of current limits for a user account was partially incorrect. This has been fixed now and the plan limits should work as intended.

Publishing control for Custom Queue

There was a bug in custom queues where the queue was not stopping when expected. This has been fixed.

Timezone conflict for Calendar

Time slots on the Calendar were getting mapped wrongly due to a timezone conflict. This has been fixed.

Post Preview for Google My Business

You can now get a preview of your post on Google My Business account before publishing.

You can then make changes as per need after reviewing how it would like on your GMB account.

Happy Publishing!

GmB Preview.png